Letter from the CEO

Commitment to economic and social sustainability has always been a key objective for CIEFFE. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and strengthening a corporate culture that promotes the well-being, inclusiveness and welfare of our employees and external partners through structured governance.

Our commitment is detailed in a three-year sustainable development plan (2023-2025) that defines, based on our principles, a series of short- and medium-term actions with associated measurement metrics. For us, people are the priority and we work every day to build and maintain long-term relationships with our staff, customers and suppliers. We are committed to establishing solid relationships based on respect, transparency and trust. We offer our employees growth and development paths as well as training plans for acquiring new skills and consolidating current ones.

Environmentally, we have been working for years on energy efficiency and minimising the use of plastic, as well as on the recovery and reuse of textile waste. We are working on developing an impact assessment system for different types of processing. We have structured sustainability governance, including risk and impact assessment through the dual materiality matrix, from which our principles and objectives are derived; we have adopted a Code of Ethics that we share with suppliers and a set of policies that guide our business.

Since last 2023, we have outlined a strategy based on Sustainability, aimed at energising the company by leveraging our core values: creativity, craftsmanship, caring for people, the planet and its resources, and constantly drawing inspiration from our corporate culture. In 2023, we also established an internal Sustainability Committee, which, through regular meetings, defines and verifies the achievement of targets. I would like to thank all our employees and partners for their passion, commitment and valuable contribution to the development of this project; I am very proud of what we have achieved so far and look forward to the opportunities ahead with renewed enthusiasm.

Marco Panzeri


Cieffe Confezioni e Façon Srl
Legal offices: Via Mecenate 84/8, 20138 Milano (MI), Italy
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