Crafting your ideas

"Made in Cieffe"

We are an integrated, fast, and responsive manufacturing platform capable of churning out about 250,000 items per year.

The term Industrial Craftsmanship perfectly defines what we do: producing high-quality clothing where the precious handmade touch of our seamstresses blends with state-of-the-art machines to meet the needs and volumes of the top luxury brands.

From sample to production

01 Production

Efficiency, traceability, and obsession with quality are our drivers.

Our strength lies in our team of people. Our production network comprises a system of highly specialized manufacturing laboratories, divided per category, scattered throughout Northern Italy. In 2013 we added Silvermacs, a plant based in Romania.

Solid know-how and a high level of industrialization allow us to comply with the fast-paced production times and needs of the most demanding partners.

Constant tests on quality standards

02 Quality control

Our goal is to deliver a product of impeccable quality that fully mirrors the prestige of the brand.

Well aware of the importance of this aspect, each garment goes through strict five-step quality control: the quality of the fabric, processing, manufacturing, hand finishing, and the finished garment.

Furthermore, in our Soncino headquarters, customers can check all items before shipping in an internal area featuring specific equipment and dedicated spaces.

A complete service – from start to delivery

03 Logistics

We take care of the delivery of the garments until the final destination is reached.

Regardless of where the customer's warehouses or boutiques are located, we meticulously manage all the intermediate stages, including the preparation of travel documents, customer service, and post-shipment assistance.


Cieffe Confezioni e Façon Srl
Legal offices: Via Mecenate 84/8, 20138 Milano (MI), Italy
Shared capital Euro 51.000
Tax code / VAT no. 13399560153
Registration with the Registry of Businesses of Milan MI1646938