Design for Beauty

Who we are

Cieffe, Made in Italy excellence

We are an Italian company with over 35 years of experience in manufacturing high-end ready-to wear garments.

We produce men’s and women’s collections and samples for the leading fashion houses and luxury brands worldwide.

We're based in Soncino in Lombardy, only a few kilometers from Milan.

What do we do

We transform creative ideas into exclusive garments.

We offer brands an integrated and responsive manufacturing platform. With two factories and over 250 employees, we are today a leader among the production partners of brands in the fashion and luxury industries.

Thanks to a highly-efficient personalized service that grants top quality and maximum confidentiality, we are able to manage all phases of the design and development of the clothing: from research to pattern making, from prototyping to manufacturing and shipping for both the samples and final production.

Our network is primarily spread out across Northern Italy, through a short and tightly-controlled supply chain. This choice is the result of a precise strategy that embraces sustainability, high quality, and service efficiency.

Our mission

Industrial artisanship and responsible growth

Since 1985, our mission is to masterfully translate the creative vision of our customers into exclusive garments.

Ours is a world of high-end industrial artisanship where the manual touch – irreplaceable – blends virtuously with advanced technology to provide a fast, efficient, and personalized service, hinged on a culture of responsible growth towards the Environment and People.


Our history: a family business founded in 1985

Enza Gallina with Gimmo Etro
Micheal Kors with Enza Gallina and the team
Marco Panzeri with Enza Gallina

Cieffe was founded in 1985 by Enza Gallina, the current President. Enza drew inspiration from her mother, a seamstress who raised her seven daughters alone, passing down her passion for work, determination, and curiosity.

Our story starts in a small 100-square-meter workshop abuzz with the cutting, sewing and fitting activities carried out for Cieffe’s first important American customer: Michael Kors. Etro came next, starting a loyal partnership cemented over the years that fueled the house’s growth. Since those early years, the values ​​of beauty and efficiency reflect the quintessence of Cieffe.

In 2005 Marco Panzeri, Enza’s son and current CEO, joins the company, infusing a new boost in different areas, investing heftily in the Research and Development divisions, and starting new collaborations with international clients.

Today Cieffe is a strategic partner of the leading luxury groups, from Kering to LVMH, and of the most prestigious international brands, developing their men's and women's Ready-to-Wear collections.


Cieffe Confezioni e Façon Srl
Legal offices: Via Mecenate 84/8, 20138 Milano (MI), Italy
Shared capital Euro 51.000
Tax code / VAT no. 13399560153
Registration with the Registry of Businesses of Milan MI1646938