Partners in Dreams

Our vision

The shared vision with our customers leads to constant comparison and continuous learning.

We experiment, propose, and incessantly develop new ideas, processing techniques, and solutions to transform creative artistry into extraordinary garments.

Our ambition is to give life to an integrated “proximity” ecosystem, aggregating other excellent realities with which to share values ​​and the same work ethic.

Our creed

Strategic partnership

Understanding and strengthening customer relationships is a key success factor. Beyond just a sub-supplier, we are a strategic partner along the entire value chain. We are not mere executors but proactive and involved collaborators.

We build strong and long-lasting relationships with our partners, based on respect, openness and trust. Always open to different points of view, we thrive on anticipating the needs of our partners by always offering solutions infused with passion and a spirit of initiative.

Research and innovation

We experiment with new techniques, special processing, finishing and cutting-edge technologies to provide customers with a level of service that exceeds expectations along all stages of the process. We are dynamic and practical; we love to listen to improve.

Industrial craftsmanship

We constantly balance artisanal savoir-faire with technology, the essential with the complementary in the name of service, quality, and speed.

We continuously invest in people, in their growth and training, but also in advanced production systems and last-generation machinery for automatic cutting, printing, for the creation of prototypes on 3D avatars among others.

Sustainable culture

In a world increasingly sensitive to ethical issues, we are aware that we can contribute to a better future. In that light, we have integrated the ESG criteria of environmental, social, and governance responsibility into our business strategy.

Moreover, we have introduced an agenda of concrete initiatives to mitigate the impact of our activities, based on energy efficiency, circular economy, gender equality and enhancement of people and our territory.

Our approach

For us at Cieffe, ethics and aesthetics are deeply intertwined. We are mindful of the strategic yet delicate role of the supply chain in the fashion system and the absolute prestige of our customers. This is why we place trust, transparency, and flexibility at the core of what we do every day.


01 | We believe in the value of empathy. Collaboration is a key value for us, permeating all the relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers along the entire value chain. 02 | We are proactive. We take the initiative, we experiment, and we bypass our comfort zone. 03 | Our pillars to achieving good results are constructive dialogue and active listening. 04 | We are always up to date on the trends that shape the future of fashion.


01 | We provide a complete service to support our customers throughout the entire production process. 02 | For us, flexibility and speed do not mean sacrificing quality. 03 | We are constantly looking for excellence. 04 | Dedicated teams follow the process from sketch to final delivery. 05 | We guarantee maximum confidentiality to fully protect our customers.


01 | We are obsessed with quality and timing in our deliveries. And in offering our customers superior service. 02 | We identify any difficulties, always proposing alternative solutions. 03 | We manage any unexpected criticality to respect the established deadline.


Cieffe Confezioni e Façon Srl
Legal offices: Via Mecenate 84/8, 20138 Milano (MI), Italy
Shared capital Euro 51.000
Tax code / VAT no. 13399560153
Registration with the Registry of Businesses of Milan MI1646938