Shaping a better future


Cieffe's commitment. We put creativity at the service of the future to make a truly sustainable dream come true.

The commitment to economic, environmental, and social sustainability is a fundamental goal for us. We pursue the reduction of the environmental impact and the strengthening of corporate culture in support of the welfare, inclusiveness, and well-being of employees and external partners. Ethics and Aesthetics are the beacons that guide our path.

Our policies
Carbon footprint

In 2023, Cieffe decided to measure its "carbon footprint". With the support of Zeroinfinito, a consultancy company specialising in energy and environmental issues, Cieffe carried out the analysis and reporting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for the year 2022.

The study was conducted in accordance with EN ISO 14064-1 and -2:2019 and in compliance with the GHG Protocol. We are publishing here the report and results of the survey on Scope 1 (direct emissions) and Scope 2 (indirect emissions).


Our sustainable development goals

In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), CIEFFE has identified and adopted, on the basis of its own sustainability values and materiality with respect to its own activities, 6 Sustainable Development Goals to be turned into concrete actions to be developed within its production ecosystem.

Supply chain

A short, integrated and responsive supply chain. True to the point, our ecosystem is mainly concentrated within a 150-km radius of our Soncino headquarters.

In the fashion industry, garments typically travel thousands of kilometers during the various stages of production before being packaged, leaving a negative footprint on the planet. Not at Cieffe where everything happens within a few kilometers from the headquarters, thanks to a capillary network of selected labs specialized in the various processes and our loyal allies for years.

In that light, we recently acquired some of these Italian crafting excellences, preserving their value and content over time. Not only does this allow us a stronger grip on the supply chain but it also helps lower environmental impact while enhancing local prowess.


A partnership of values. At Cieffe we ​​don't believe in fast business but in solid and long-lasting relationships with all our partners.

Every day we strive to build long-term bonds, to thoroughly understand the needs of our partners, and are committed to relationships based on respect, transparency, and trust. We support our partners in their sustainability strategies by making their goals our own and favor connections that highlight the value of each person.

Technology and innovation

In addition to manual skills and crafting artistry, we have always believed in the value of technology, research, and innovation.

Our latest-generation machines for cutting, printing, and model development, in fact, allow us to save on raw materials thus reducing waste and energy use. And still, thanks to the 3D rendering on Avatars we avoid creating prototypes that are then discarded, eliminating textile waste.

For us, technology is also a sign of the desire to go further: to anticipate trends and offer partners the most advanced solutions, guaranteeing quality and responsiveness. And as a key catalyst for sustainability initiatives, technology also drives the future of our planet.

Enhancing people and talent

Alongside the work for the most famous international brands, we love to support emerging designers in whom we see talent and potential.

To hone their skills, they can use our supply chains and professional know-how to create their samples and collections, setting the conditions for their future growth and affirmation globally.

Last but not least, for years we have promoted concrete projects for the enhancement of the artistic heritage by forging partnerships with schools and universities for advanced research and training projects and by identifying young artists eager to put their creativity at the service of the company by inspiring new techniques and processes.

Actions undertaken

As part of a sustainable agenda that is regularly integrated and updated, we have already adopted a series of measures to reduce the environmental impact of our business with a special focus on emissions and the use of plastic.

  • Transformation/recycling of all waste materials from fabric cutting into raw materials through the partnership with Green Line
  • Production of energy from renewable sources through photovoltaic panels
  • Replacement of all halogen bulbs with LED bulbs
  • Installation of a system for monitoring electricity consumption
  • Planting trees along the external area of ​​the company
  • Using electric vans and vehicle mileage monitoring to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Use and reuse of garment bags in recycled fabric for the internal and external handling of garments (in progress)
  • Replacement of plastic with biomaterials for packaging.
  • Replacing plastic bottles with aluminum cans.
  • Installation of water dispensers, use of bio wooden cutlery, and recycled cardboard glasses for all employees.

Our certifications


Our commitment to sustainability is concrete, documented, and certified.
Below are the certifications already obtained:


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