Cieffe Academy

CIEFFE feels committed to contributing to handing down traditional know-how, but at the same time, integrating it with technological innovation to support manual work in the high- end garment manufacturing process.

It was thus decided to activate the CIEFFE Academy and to expand the already existing collaborations with schools and universities in the area starting from 2024. Marina Forte, HR Director of CIEFFE, talks about the Academy project: "With our Academy, we want to offer students the opportunity to discover the fashion and luxury industry by bringing them into contact with a unique and highly valuable know-how, thanks to apprenticeships, shadowing and on-the-job training that will enable them to complete their studies and easily enter the professional paths of the workshops. Added to this is our commitment to bridging a key skills gap for Made in Italy manufacturing: a goal that is only possible by investing in training and sharing a craftsmanship know-how that has been guarded and passed down over the years."


Cieffe Confezioni e Façon Srl
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