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This Cookie Policy aims in particular to illustrate the types and categories of the cookies used, their purposes and conditions of use by Cieffe Confezioni e Facon S.r.L. owner of the treatment, based in Via Mecenate 84/8, Milan, and third parties, where cookies are installed by cd third parties, as well as to provide clear guidance to users on how to refuse or delete cookies on the website:

This information is in addition to what is set out in the Privacy Policy.

The use of this technology has its legal basis in Article 122 of the Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 (so-called. Data Protection Code), which states that "The storage of information in the terminal equipment of a contractor/user or access to information already stored are permitted only on condition that the contractor or user has expressed his or her consent after having been informed in the simplified manner referred to in Article 13, paragraph 3" and in the consequent Provision issued by the Privacy Guarantor No. 231 of June 10, 2021 (Guidelines on the use of cookies and other tracking systems).


Cookies are small text files that the website sends to the user's device and that are stored in the user's terminal equipment to be then re-transmitted to the website on the userΒ΄s subsequent visits to that website.


Session cookies

The website makes use of session cookies.
They are only stored for as long as the browser remains open, and are deleted when the session ends.
Through the browser it is possible to view the number of cookies installed by the website and their expiry date is indicated.

Technical cookies

The website makes use of technical cookies, which allow the user to navigate through secure web areas, and facilitate the access and improve the browsing experience.

Without the use of such cookies, some operations could not be performed or would be more complex and/or less secure. These types of cookies, which allow to make and maintain the identification of the user within the session, are indispensable (for example, to recognize whether a user is registered or not).

First-party cookies

First-party cookies are those installed directly by the website's operator (the publisher/editor). They install functions controlled and arranged directly by the professional who manages the website.

Having said that, the website installs the following cookies:

Cookie Name





Source (google, fb etc) and policy (link)

Session or permanent

First or third party

Technical, Analytical or Profiling

Anonymized or non-anonymized




First party





First party



The website uses only technical first-party cookies, for which there is no requirement to provide the user with the first-level notice (via a cookie banner upon landing on the website).
Instead, this second-level notice is required for proper transparency towards the user.

The consent to the use of this type of cookies is mandatory, as without them the navigation could be compromised and some functions unavailable, thus going to cause a considerable inconvenience (just consider the case where a website is available in several languages, if these cookies are not used, the user should, each time he/she accesses the site, select the language he/she prefers).


The website allows the consent management of profiling cookies.

Each browser has different procedures for managing cookies.
Below the links to the specific instructions for the most popular browsers:

Internet Explorer:

Google Chrome:

Apple Safari:

Mozilla Firefox:

The monitoring service, Ghostery (it is a plug-in that can be installed directly into your browser), allows you to both see what cookies are on the website you are viewing and to block them (either limited to a specific site or for all sites).

The website allows you to see what cookies are on a particular website, whose cookies they are, and how long they last.

In case the user believes that the website violates this cookie policy, he/she has the right to file a complaint to the Privacy Guarantor by clicking the following link:

In the event that the user cannot see what consents regarding the use of cookies he/she has given, he/she has doubts about the operation of such cookies, he/she fails to revoke one or more consents through the procedures outlined above, he may contact the controller directly by email at:

Effective Date: December 2022


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