Cieffe defines and pursues ethical-behavioral values that it considers fundamental for the proper functioning of its business, such as integrity, respect, and responsibility, and expects all employees and third parties connected to it to adopt behaviors in line with the highest professional and ethical standards.

For this reason, Cieffe has activated a platform through which reports of any incorrect or illegal behavior that may concern other colleagues, customers, suppliers, or potential partners can be made.

The conditions for making reports through the various channels are detailed in the Whistleblowing Policy of Cieffe, downloadable below.


Cieffe Confezioni e Façon Srl
Legal offices: Via Mecenate 84/8, 20138 Milano (MI), Italy
Shared capital Euro 51.000
Tax code / VAT no. 13399560153
Registration with the Registry of Businesses of Milan MI1646938